Greetings, pilgrims of cyberspace! Welcome to the Garden of the Jellyfish. The fruit growing in this garden will supply your soul with the nutrients (audio, visual and textual information) it has been craving since the day you graduated from college and got dropped (with a sack of student loan debt) into a maze with no exit and no piece of cheese waiting at the end.

An example of such nutrients (to whet your appetite,) is the fact that your consciousness¬†is actually a neuron in a network of sentient minds spanning the galaxy cluster. These networks (yes, there are many of them) are what I like to call “Jellyfish Entities.” The Jellyfish may seem incomprehensible or godlike at first glance but believe me, they are not. They are simply creatures of a higher order than us.

Above the plane we and the Jellyfish inhabit is a realm called the Unknowable. This title is a misnomer because I actually know a great deal about it. I won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say that the Unknowable is populated by entities whose actions directly affect us here in the lower realm.

At this point, I’ll admit that I provided facts about the Jellyfish and the Unknowable in order to entice you. Do you want to know¬†more about our universe? Are you thirsting to uncover secrets that no world religion, scientific practice or philosophy course can teach you? All you need to do is explore this Garden. Discover things hidden in its nooks and crannies, upturn every stone and study every facet of its walls for signs of secret doors. I have planted these kernels of knowledge for you. You have been given the special privilege to reap what I have sown. Some of the fruits, like those found on earth, may contain poisonous juices. Enjoy them at your discretion. Stay safe and have fun!