The Entity I Saw in the Woods at Sacandaga

Next time you see me, call me by my true name

Like the entity I saw in the woods at Sacandaga.

Draw the tears from my eyes like syringe sunsets.

Toss the shards of my bastard self into the river and watch them float

Down to where the sun and rocks form a pinprick in space.

Bless the fish that nibble my fingers and blow kisses wrapped in bubbles.

Don’t mistake halos for hatred. Undo old regrets with lasers

Pointed in the eyes of babies whose hands reach across time,

To grasp your heart and crumple it like a dead leaf.

Let the Stone Man’s voice shred your eardrums like paper.

Allow the Methodical One to diagram the fact that Lust is king

And remind you that continuity will someday end.

All things will return to the river, and the river will boil under the sun.

The sun will swell like a grape left too long on the vine

And the vine will fragment into motes too small for fish to taste.

When all things assimilate, the Bell will signal feasting and sleep.

Soup will cool uneaten, and beards will be strewn with crumbs.

Eulogies will pound nails into rickety wood.

Mausoleums will become the things they were built to enshrine.

When that time comes, I will be a dime on someone’s eyes.

A stranger I wouldn’t have been able to perceive

Without the knowledge that crying is a crime

Only to those whose hearts have been stowed

In the baggage compartment of the last flight out of Laredo.


Shedding a Tear for Decoherence

Dark was the night you said to me

The river will flow forever

Into open heart surgery

Fitted with a paper gown and some marshmallows

To tape the wound against you.

Bloody specks dot your sky

And white lights blaze for all time.

Mechanical candles sever arteries

And fashion brass instruments

Through which the winds of life shall blow

Away the house of the fourth pig

Stewing in stool and pickled barkeeps:

A damaged soul with obsidian spikes

Jutting from his morning in which we dye

The mouths of crows and crosses blue.

Stand with Ted as he beams you up

And cup the pillar of light in your hands.

Shed a tear for decoherence

Flying free beyond mountain ranges

Bent over backwards for firecrackers.

Memories From a Lifetime Down the Beach

The flow of words cradles my mind

While a handful of broken rhymes drifts downstream.

Memories of my mother from a lifetime down the beach

Erode the foundation of the sand castle I stand beneath.

Its shade soothes my skin, and a soft towel

Caresses my face like the smell of the lint trap

On a winter day long ago, playing GoldenEye in the snow.

A dog stared at me that day: her eyes seemed to communicate

Affection and understanding…something I wasn’t aware

That animals possessed. As it turns out, non-human persons are made

Of nothing but empathy and benevolence.

Perhaps a solution to the violence of our stalkers and killers

Is to animalize their all-too human capacity

For hurting the people whose love they steal

Without any intention of giving back.

Truth Boneless in Misery’s Corner Store

Ecclesiastical portico pantomime will

Tingle the step, shrill in its malice

Diamond the eagle wraparound the way

Forests drained of galaxies sent to the state

Meant for you the pickle ball owl

Gone are streets wound in testicle pictures

Aliens a grateful bunch of grapes born anew

Gallantry severed wing domination through the mail

Born headless in a sour kingdom

Truth boneless in misery’s corner store

Stand Christ the wicker basket shoe

Polish sausage pouring out of a porn star’s mouth

Sandwich vagina heat death Stephen Hawking’s front porch

Time aches singlets sunward days eaten with salt

Turmeric dances willingly wolf all

Craze and refurbish stand and wait for tackle the camera

Store bought peace nugget stain the wiggling heathen

Too stately for Febreeze and algorithms wiped clean

Stupidity foreclosed singling the candle liberated

Clandestine intimacy waters two faithful gardens alone

Corn the ideologue next door creatures wash babes

Honed skull tepid a knight the dingy waters taste silly

Never give a man a trap door whack for the kringle oblated

Step into the Cornish sun daze and white the king’s maze

Fear the inkling Ted Nugent porpoise microwave furl dialogue

Test nine out of ten head crabs storming along the dawn

Plates state crane barf bag touching only the self

Two thousands doves my health and a batch of chins

Torn facts books and creators willingly eat sand

Lamb taste bud names go south for lame ducks

And the island dwells sickly in needle poke down home

A carb sandwich illegal in its downward doorstep

So much for the fishing going home eating pork bun lies

Wayside adventure suicide over it like testicle fires

Grain soaked liquor cabinet sister marshmallow vodka tree

Vomit pain edible eviction dinosaur taco lonesome

Face killings stretched so far that hat you’re wearing welcomes

Weddell seals groan patches of grass fought valiant missile tomb

When the killer staples his face to the moon, you know the dig

Wax dummy spandex heart attack soaring scammers blight

Sensations melt the soon-to-be underneath like light in piss jars

Stacked cereal box corn tangled licking nightly urine bath bomb

Arnold Palmer whipping coastal water broken binky in and around

We never understood why the damage hated us so

We only nibble just a little cracker before the campfire retreats

Christened a pool light the waterfront gone and eyes blinking and happy

Return of the Rhyme (drugs are bad?)

If drugs are bad, then why am I on them?

Drugs make us sad enough to take out our anger on a nation and bomb them.

Drugs will prevent the circle from being completed.

Has the rhyming of mine and the universe’s poetry returned

Because the innovative parts of our perceptions have been defeated?

Or has our circuitry been intentionally tangled

So that we can see things from a different angle?

You can cut away half of a man’s brain

And five years later, he’ll regain his ability to think.

Those who aren’t dead will always have a chance

To inject beauty into the world despite their circumstance.

Thinking is overrated, so why not enjoy a video game?

Let shame melt away, and happiness blaze like a candle flame.


80 mg. of Geodon Packed Into My Tiny, Little Head (might as well take downers.)

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Comment Owl (cum towel)

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400 Words of Pure, Unadulterated Joy

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414 Words to Celebrate Friday

Time collapses the fourth wall bearing tuna peanut Christ on a spoon wallop my favorite sorceress in cheese dildo blanket take a piece of pie and place it on the counter for grandma with the teeth that freeze the serotonin muscles in your thighs like booze-saturated tingling sensations of nighttime glow worms secreting the universe in dollops of marshmallow chastity waiting for a boat that will never come a sliced tomato sutured to Friday night painful in its austerity pigeonholed theybies buttoned and packed in crystal lattice afraid of dark care bear haircuts stingy old misers batting tooth picks away from their golden noodles singing harmony in suns canceling the radio for all the seagull children on Phobos while Deimos eats tuna melts naked under his brother’s inside-out cock firing squads to the heathen brain standard the crux of my argument fallen from windows electing Sid Myers’ tampon woman hole born flesh and big brick wall crawling rather than a fallen cycle of tubes ululating bourbon in old time factory farming table hoppers bell bottom wrangling tomb storage upstairs from the baby genius whose brain is a tumor on a corn cob cobbled with an entity to which no spoon can be driven to insert weaponized Africa like the table slalom race 1994 solidified in total memory be Chris Kringle and his camp razor stymied for fly eyes gouging funds walrus-like in tickling themselves shame and boar tusks quake diligent Eden pans handling the cockroach devil forest why the killing floor melts to shame and beaks knot rot the galvanization of chinchilla heartache separate yourself from titty willow pushpin dig bugging needle throttling the dark corners like centers of almond brown, nails driven spikes heaved whoring big stinger rotate spiral evisceration like shawarma in a boll weevil casket for Palestine’s pogo stick tried to be a tulip and now it is a bacon soda gift store East Aurora fiasco buying happiness with a 22 dollar bill Buffalo rising into the skies of the dome surface convex to this world like sister’s memories molded by hands too large to conceive making the mill house a mole mounting a Diglett like it always should have in tickle trees when forests renege on promises they don’t own, never owned, never dreamed of sliding the butter knife through the bottom of the door to poke the porcupine when it’s having a bad day and you can think of nothing better to do than torture the poor little bugger.